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Prevention Staff


Prevention Supervisor

Angela began working at Crawford County Drug and Alcohol in February 2019 as a treatment counselor and assumed the prevention supervisor role in September 2019. She enjoys prevention education and collaborating on projects with other agencies in the community.

Angela earned a Master’s degree in clinical psychology at Edinboro University. Her favorite self-care is a hike in the woods with her son.

“What does recovery mean to you?”
Being mindful, willing to “check ourselves”, and to live consciously, authentically, without reliance on escape, or external sources of fulfillment.


Prevention Specialist

Becky has worked at Crawford County Drug and Alcohol since 2012 and is a certified Prevention Specialist. Her main role, while schools are in session, is to facilitate the Student Assistant Program (SAP) Prevention/Intervention groups in schools where she loves working with the students.

Becky lives with her husband, two boys, and an elderly gentleman who they take care of. When Becky is not at the office, she enjoys spending time in the woods, reading, and all kinds of music.


Prevention Specialist

Kelsey began working for Crawford County Drug and Alcohol at the beginning of 2019 in the prevention department. She teaches an evidence-based curriculum called Healthy Alternatives For Little Ones (HALO) at a variety of Crawford County preschool classes. She also works with a variety of outreach programs throughout the community; MLK program and the Teen Lounge are just two. She enjoys health promotions where she can spend time out in the community.

Kelsey earned a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as her certification as a Health Education Specialist (CHES) from Edinboro University. Taking a walk is her favorite self-care go to.


Prevention Specialist

Kandy has worked for Crawford County Drug and Alcohol since March 2008 in the Prevention Department. While schools are in session, Kandy is the Student Assistant Program (SAP) Liaison. She likes the variety of doing different programs/activities as well as working with a variety of people and ages.

Kandy earned a Bachelor of Science in education from Edinboro University. Her favorite ways to relax include deep breathing, walking, a hot bath, and prayer. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two grandsons and 2 step grandsons that live in South Carolina and Georgia. Card making and scrapbooking are also two hobbies Kandy loves to do.

“What does recovery mean to you?”
Making yourself well – physically, mentally, spiritually – and working with others to strive to make our community well.


Prevention Specialist

Nathan began working at Crawford County Drug and Alcohol in August of 2015. He is a prevention specialist who is certified to teach several evidence-based curriculum’s but mainly teaches a program called Too Good For Drugs in the elementary schools throughout Crawford County. He really enjoys the flexibility of his role in prevention as they try to establish relationships throughout the community covering all age groups, from pre-k to senior citizens.

While Nathan is not working, he loves being with his family, which consists of his wife Kelly, and two young children Lane and Libby. Nate and his wife also direct the Highmark QUAD games which is a series of four events that take place in Erie County throughout the year. Doing outdoor projects, listening to a Cleveland Indians baseball game on the radio and spending time with family are Nathan’s favorite ways to take care of himself.

“What does recovery mean to you?”
Recovery to me is the ability to be resilient, It’s the realization that you have worth and that you can find peace and happiness within yourself…Everyone deserves a chance to be happy!


Community Coordinator

Julia began working at Crawford County Drug and Alcohol in December 2017 in the prevention department. She transitioned into the Community Coordinator position in October 2019. Julia has a variety of roles while trying to integrate services across each department in the agency and expand the scope of outreach. She enjoys working with the ELECT program and being out in the community trying to breakdown stigma.

Julia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in health and physical education with a concentration in human performance and a minor in psychology from Edinboro University. When Julia is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and two rowdy pups. Being outside is her favorite self-care activity.

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