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How to Pay for Treatment

Crawford County Drug & Alcohol Executive Commission, Inc. is committed to providing a full continuum of treatment options to Crawford County residents who have no public or private health care benefits with which to access addiction treatment.

Beginning Treatment

Once your assessment is completed and the appropriate level of care is determined, you will be referred to a treatment agency that will provide the services that you need. Those services may include Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Detoxification or residential Treatment.

Outpatient Individual Therapy

When you come to Crawford County Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission, Inc. for individual therapy, you will receive one-on-one hourly counseling sessions each visit. In these sessions you will work on topics such as interpersonal relationships, stress, anxiety and additional emotional and addictive concerns.

Outpatient Group Therapy

If you participate in outpatient group therapy, you will work with others weekly and develop strategies to both establish and maintain a sober lifestyle. You will also be able to identify and resolve emotional and/or behavioral issues that could contribute to a possible relapse. In addition, outpatient group therapy can help encourage the developement of a sober circle of peers whose support can increase your wellbeing in the future.

Substance abuse treatment is the management and care of a patient suffering from alcohol or drug abuse to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of the disease upon the patient. There are many approaches and options available to those who need treatment.

In order to begin treatment, you will need to be assessed and evaluated to determine the need for treatment and what level of treatment best addresses those needs.

Crawford County Drug & Alcohol Executive Commission, Inc. at (814) 724-4100

24-Hour Crisis Hotline (814) 724-2732

Referral Sources

Referral Sources for Treatment are:
  • Self-referrals
  • Court-ordered (DUI, probation, parole)
  • Referrals for aftercare (from treatment facilities,detox, etc.)
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Adolescents (from CYS/JPO, placement facilities, schools, SAP, family)